Coexya in Rennes

The Brittany-based agency, which employs around 120 people, specialises in the following areas of technical expertise: Smart Data - Healthcare, software publishing, customer communication management (CCM / desktop publishing) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

What we offer

  • Joining an agency where 80% of our projects are carried out on a fixed-price basis on our premises (not a lot of project management for an ESN)
  • A team of 120 people in Rennes where everyone is on a first-name basis
  • A personalised induction programme lasting several months, with a welcome pack on arrival
  • Regular training with local management to support your career
  • Hybrid working conditions in tune with our employees’ needs, in newly renovated, attractive premises or teleworking (10 flexible days)
  • Encouragement for eco-responsible travel (public transport reimbursed up to 75%, bike/electric car option with on-site recharging point)
  • Technical, sporting and convivial events: coding battle, blindtest, poker, badminton tournament, shuffleboard at lunchtime… with a top-class ESC!

Everyday training with Escales by Coexya

“Escales by Coexya” is a programme open to all focusing on tech, agility and soft skills, in the form of technical challenges, serious games, experience sharing, etc…

4 centres of expertise

Smart Data cluster, specialising in healthcare

The mission of the Smart Data division? To do everything possible to provide rapid access to useful information despite the diversity of data sources, document volumes and heterogeneous formats.

👉 Discover the Smart Data offer

RPA Division (Robotic Process Automation)

The aim of our RPA robots? To automate repetitive tasks with low added value for operational teams.

👉 Discover our RPA offer

Desktop Publishing/CCM (Customer Communication Management) Division

Since 2001, our teams have been developing customer communications for major operators in the telecoms, energy, banking and insurance sectors.

👉 Discover our customer communication offer

Development Department

Our development division specialises in the design of software solutions (such as Tediji by Coexya), combining both the development of bespoke products and integration assignments for our customers.

👉 Find out more about Tediji

Coexya in Brest

The Geomod by Coexya team based in Brest applies its expertise in marine geomatics by proposing software solutions that enable the use or production of standardised hydrographic and oceanographic products such as Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) or military layers (AML).

Coexya in Lyon

In Lyon, we employ over 500 people in a business park in Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d'Or, spread over 4 buildings housing various specialist service centres.

Ideally located between Bastille and Gare de Lyon, the Paris office now employs more than 150 people working in specialist teams in areas such as Content Management, Geographic Information Systems, Intellectual Property and Search Engines.


The Brittany-based agency employs around 120 people. Innovating, sharing, co-constructing, all in a caring environment: that's our DNA at Coexya in Rennes! Find out more about the activities, staff and culture of our Rennes office.


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