Our values and Commitments

Respecting our values and commitments is intrinsic to our corporate culture and it starts at the recruitment stage. Commitment, respect and sharing are the values that define and match us.

Equal Recruitment

Coexya is a disabled-friendly company and fights against all forms of discrimination. Our job offers and candidate selection process do not discriminate in any area. We ensure objectivity is maintained when meeting with each potential future employee via interviews involving several people. The people conducting these interviews are aware of how to avoid discrimination in the hiring process. That means unwarranted questions about the candidate’s family situation, ethnicity, religion, political and trade union affiliations, morals and private life are not asked. What we take into account in our recruitment process: professional skills, ability to assimilate into our organisation and the potential for future development.

Return To Work and Career Change

We all benefit from teams that are made up of people from a rich variety of backgrounds. That is why Coexya has been supporting people making a career change or returning to work after a break for over five years. This attitude has allowed 80% of work-study schemes and/or internship agreements to lead to a permanent contract. Together with the qualification, the candidate’s motivation plays a major part in the success of the project and recruitment process. We also attend coaching workshops put on by training school such as Simplon to help people return to work.

School Leavers and Graduates: An Employment Policy That Backs Young People

Since its creation, Coexya has offered internships in areas that contribute to our innovation projects. Our interns play a full role in our project teams while taking the time to consolidate their skills. We are also committed to trainee schemes, with between 30 and 40 students joining us each year. Each student is accompanied by a tutor and a technical and/or business expert. This allows them to understand an IT project in its entirety, from a technical and organisational perspective. More than 80% of students join us on permanent contracts after their internship or trainee scheme.

Initiatives That Are Close To Our Heart

Soft Mobility At Coexya

Coexya launched its electric transport programme with a fleet of electric bikes in 2014, even before we implemented a structured CSR policy, This programme was expanded in 2017 with a fleet of electric cars. Membership of these two programmes is open to all for both professional and private use of the bikes or cars. Currently, almost 140 employees have signed up for this programme.

Work From Home

Each employee can now work from home ten days per month. This scheme was introduced following the Covid crisis. It aims to foster a healthy working environment while juggling professional obligations and a personal life. The system is founded on an understanding of mutual trust that maintains the expected service quality level and ensures the best working conditions.

Well-Being and Health At Work

We take regular steps to ensure well-being and good health at work. These are carried out in partnership with our Works Council covering various subjects: designing and modernising our premises to encourage work in small teams (no open space), how to spot stress and anxiety problems, planning sites to encourage sport between employees, putting on group sophrology sessions, setting up communication/awareness-raising on various subjects suggested by employees, growing vegetables workshop, etc.

Leïla Julien, Administrative and Financial Director, talks about the quality of life at Coexya