Your career

Career Development

Our focus on internal promotions and decentralised management lets us build a long-term career path for our loyal employees at Coexya where the average length of service is five years and staff turnover has been less than 16% for over 3 years. We believe in pooling knowledge to increase our employees’ skills, in addition to training process, while always trusting the initiative of each individual.

Wage Increases

Our remuneration policy is in line with industry recommendations and remains consistent with changes in our business sector. It is based on individual assessments linked to each person’s performance and effort. We also strive to give employees the opportunity to benefit from the company’s results and this can be seen in our introduction of a profit-sharing scheme, a mutual fund and an employee savings account.

Personalised Welcome

We make it a priority to closely monitor new starters. Each new employee is assigned a mentor on arrival and they will guaranteed that personalised and individual support is provided. This support ensures our company culture is understood, helps the new employee navigate their first few days and allows information to be relayed in more relaxed and conversational way than if it was coming from management.
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