Geomatics Specialist

Job description

The geomatics specialist produces and exploits geolocalised geographical information and thematic maps for customers, user and operators (partners, companies, general pubic, etc.).

The geomatics specialist works on geographical information which, by nature, is cross-disciplinary. This information, when integrated into software chains, provides material for powerful spatial analysis, decision-making and communication tools.

The geomatics specialist can develop, administer and exploit a geographical information system (GIS), manage projects and coordinate a team.

Main tasks

  • In charge of the acquisition, production, management and exploitation of geographical information.
  • Dealing with and/or supervising the development and maintenance of the geographical databases and geomatic tools usedbythe company.
  • Understanding all or parts of the specific areas listed below with varying levels of competency:
    • Data acquisition and integration,
    • Data processing, analysis and circulation,
    • Imaging production,
    • Geomatic project management,
    • Designing IT solutions (SIG architecture, development and configuration of applications).


Degree level qualification specialising in geomatics, further training including specialisation in geomatics (geography, planning, life sciences, agronomy, etc.), engineering diploma or ENSG qualification.


Jobs in the field of geomatics are based on digital tools (GIS, statistical data management, computer graphics, server and cloud software) with digital data acquired using different methods. The geomatics specialist must be able to respond to developments in these technologies.


  • Versatility,
  • Sociable attitude and team spirit,
  • Managerial skills and an ability to connect with people are essential in terms of career development.

Career prospects

The geomatics specialist may move up to a position of consultant or project manager with a leadership role.


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