IT developer

Job description

Based on the specifications of the application, the IT developer designs, develops, tests and improves IT programs.​

He/she creates technical installation instructions, participates in integration test phases and drafts and completes integration and deployment scripts.

He/she is involved in design, development, integration, testing, acceptance, deployment and documentation tasks.

Main tasks

  • Understanding requirements and specifications before developing a programming plan,
  • Determining the technical solutions to be introduced, Designing the program with the recommended solution, analysing tests and documents whilst respecting the required functionalities,
  • Writing the program either in part or in its entirety using different software packages,
  • Respecting the security principles,
  • Participating in tests,
  • Drafting and completing deployment and integration scripts,
  • Providing technical support, creating technical installation instructions and user guides, Offering corrective or open-ended maintenance and updates.


  • Degree level qualification in the field of IT.


  • Analytical and implementation skills,
  • Openness tolearning and adaptability essential in this field in which the technologies and languages used are constantly developing,
  • Proficiency in English.


  • Being methodical, rigorous, organised and meticulous
  • Being autonomous, curious and willing to make proposals so that he/she knows where to find information and how best to use it on a daily basis.

Career prospects

The role of IT developer is generally seen as the entry point into the professional world of IT and is often a springboard for entering more technical leadership or management professions.

After a few years of experience, the IT developer may move up to a position of lead developer and then project manager.


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