Lead Developer

Job description

The lead developer guides his/her developer colleagues and supports a team of developers to ensure that the project is a success. The lead developer makes sure that developments are effective thanks to his/her sound technical skills and managerial abilities when dealing with the team.

Main tasks

  • Monitoring project performance: Participating in technical choices with the architect,
  • Informing the teams of the methods and standards to be used and making sure that the project team developers have a good understanding of the architecture,
  • Assisting developers in their design choices and making sure that developments are effective,
  • Looking after the technical team of developers and supporting their acquisition of new skills and knowledge, offering advice and recommendations and helping them to solve problems,
  • Participating in the development of sensitive or difficult aspects of the project,
  • Offering technical advice, establishing good practice and checking the campaigns implemented by the team,
  • Guaranteeing continuous technological monitoring.


  • Degree level qualification in the IT field,
  • Technical skills and versatility when using different front-end and back-end technologies.


  • Being willing to make proposals and knowing how to create a team spirit: Ability to manage and support his/her teams,
  • Good understanding of project management.


  • Listening and communication skills,
  • Analytical skills,
  • Sociable attitude and team spirit when supporting and managing project teams,
  • Being curious and enthusiastic about technology and technological monitoring,
  • Being willing to make proposals relating to technical and organisational approaches.

Career prospects

The lead developer may move up to a position of technical project manager, architect or technical manager.


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