Project Supervisor Consultant

Job description

The Project Supervisor Consultant works on a specific project to introduce or develop the information system. He/she is responsible for the technical application of solutions.

The Project Supervisor Consultant designs IT applications in response to specific requirements. He/she provides the resources to complete the final product. He/she must obtain the technical resources to implement the project initially planned with the customer.

Main tasks

  • Understanding the customer’s requirements and designing an application which fulfils them,
  • Participating in the drafting of functional and/or technical specifications,
  • Introducing application testing and looking after long-term deployment,
  • Training users,
  • Participating in the selection of software, specific developments and integration,
  • Often working in partnership with the project manager (PM) dealing with overall project management and guaranteeing compliance with costs, deadlines and the quality of applications,
  • Participating in the drafting of responses to calls for tenders and costing projects.


  • Degree level qualification in IT with sound technical knowledge.


  • Ability to manage the project,
  • Ability to understand requirements and define an application from a functional point of view which can easily be used by users (UX),
  • Ability to design, model and structure applications,
  • Understanding the operating environment,
  • Understanding the main programming languages.


  • Listening and communication skills: sharing knowledge, adapting communication to a range of different contacts, managing and supporting technical teams,
  • Rigour,
  • Analytical skills,
  • Sense of initiative.

Career prospects

The Project Supervisor Consultant may move up to a position of project manager, project director or PM Consultant.


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