Technical director

Job description

The technical department plays an important role within our organisation and coordinates all the technical activities of the entity.

It is organised around a technical director and/or technical managers and defines, proposes and manages the entity’s technical procedures in line with its objectives. The technical department is involved in projects from the pre-sale phase through to their finalisation. It develops and promotes the effectiveness of the solutions proposed to our customers.

Main tasks

  • Defining the technical strategy of the entity by playing an active role in technological procedures,
  • Dealing with the technological monitoring linked to the activity and technical delegations of the entity,
  • Supporting marketing campaigns and participating in responses to calls for tenders,
  • Analysing the current situation and the business requirements of our customers in order to develop the best technical solution for projects together with the different architects,
  • Proposing and supporting the technical options which underpin the strategic choices of the BU,
  • Looking after the technical coordination of the entity and projects, circulating knowledge and supporting employee training,
  • Organising the production of the BU and the campaigns required to guarantee quality,
  • Guaranteeing technological alignment with peers and the transfer of knowledge,
  • Participating actively in the coordination of our partnerships with editors.


  • Degree level qualification in IT,
  • Cross-disciplinary technical skills and versatility in different technologies,
  • Proficiency in English.


  • Being willing to make proposals and knowing how to create a team spirit: ability to manage and support teams,
  • Guaranteeing compliance with quality assurance methods and procedures,
  • Writing and summarising skills.


  • Good listening and communication skills: sharing knowledge, adapting communication to a range of different contacts, managing and supporting technical teams,
  • Ability to make decisions and take initiative,
  • Being able to work in a team. Sociable attitude.

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